> What is YOUR eye catcher?

What is YOUR eye catcher?

A lively and impressive video on a big screen placed high up is a great eye catcher – and is an obvious possibility to draw attention to your company and products on your exhibition stand. Such a presentation video draws people to the stand and will get your main message to many of the passers-by who may not pay the stand a visit for a personal chat.


BUT the applications of the screen reach much broader than that. On the exhibition VVS ’17 Jysk Display set the framework for an extraordinary interactive big screen solution.


Throughout the day the big screen had several functions for the use of both product clip and film clip, but most distinctive of them all was the interactive VR (Virtual Reality) solution. The visitors could challenge each other in the so called “VVS CHALLENGE” where the focal point was a product launch from our customer BROEN. The pre-invited visitors had received a teaser about the challenge before the event, and fine prizes could be won. Visitors flocked to the stand to take up the gauntlet through learning and play. It was a different and fun scenario which could be watched on the big screen at long distance, and stopped several passers-by.


In cooperation with our professional business partners we always bring focus on how you and your company will make the most of the chosen screen solution. We advise about the choice and possibilities, about the size of the solution that is desired – and not least which solution there is a need for. The most important is that a full utilization of the many applications of the screen can be achieved, adapted to the needs of your company.


Basically it is all about effect, benefit and value creation. In the past 45 years we have supported our customers in these fields. Please do contact us, if you would like to create an eye catcher too – maybe combined with an interactive solution – at your next exhibition.