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... your one-stop shop!

One-stop shop!

One shot. That is all your company gets at a trade fair – we are aware that this puts us under an obligation. As Northern Europe's largest supplier of trade fair stands, we build your trade fair stand and ensure that it is a success – at trade fairs everywhere in the world.

We can assist you with everything you need to exhibit at a trade fair. One important factor, which ensures that you get the best possible solution, is that we are a one-stop shop – the entire process takes place at our Viborg premises in Denmark.
Jysk Display was founded in 1970. We employ about 80 people, who have a total of more than 700 years of experience of creating world class trade fair stands.

No matter whether you have special requirements and no matter where in the world the trade fair takes place, we will help you from A to Z. From the seed of an idea for achieving brand visibility until your stand is ready at the trade fair.

We do not just sell trade fair stands.

We bring traffic, visibility and worthwhile experiences to your trade fair stand.

Why choose us?

We have an eye for Danish design, a passion for quality and craftsmanship – and we are your one-stop shop. We have very experienced in-house staff – including the designers who sketch and draw until your visions become reality; the carpenters who can make almost anything you can think of; and the fitters who can erect everything from standard stands to displays several storeys high.

What we can do for you

The personal meeting is not about to become a thing of the past. There is no better way to make contact and promote sales than to attend national and international trade fairs. Our clients are well aware of this fact and we know what it takes to get them noticed. We aim to ensure that our clients grow and are successful at trade fairs across the globe.

What you get

A trade fair stand is your company's calling card. During a trade fair, your company's DNA is distilled into just a few square metres. Our goal is to ensure that you make the most of your trade fair attendance. Each square metre of space is carefully planned and executed. We polish the bodywork and chrome-plate the details.

Is your brand ready to travel?

The world is shrinking by the day. Communication, news and commerce flow in an unstoppable flow of offers from country to country. Your company has to be alert. If you fail to react in time, your brand may drown in other brands' noise.

This foundation makes us your trustworthy partner